Feel Seen, Heard, + Supported Throughout Your Loss

All From the Comfort + Convenience of Home

A Grief Counselor provides you with effective methods and techniques for dealing with your loss. Your friends and family mean well but chances are they're somewhat clueless about what to say or do to support you. You deserve to be heard, supported, and learn how to progress through this very natural part of life. 

A Grief Counselor is your personal cheerleader and confidant. They keep you from getting stuck, listen attentively, give you the strength to continue, help you manage your feelings of hurt, and support you in finding your own solutions. 

Unresolved grief can lead to addiction, clinical depression, weight gain, harmful behaviors, health issues, ruined relationships, unfulfilling careers, and a truly stagnated life. 

Don't let this happen to YOU!

The worst thing you can do is run from your loss or try to get around it. The only way is through. But...

We'll be with you the whole time. Promise. 

How Does it Work

Become a Modern Grief Member for only $247/mo. - get a dedicated Grief Counselor, unlimited messaging, and personalized grief program. Cancel anytime.

Complete a Placement Assessment so we can match you with the perfect Grief Counselor for your needs and goals.

Start working with your Grief Counselor and feel supported and heard, using something you're already on all day... your smart phone.

What's Included with Membership

Individualized Grief Support Program

Access to a HIPPA-Compliant Mobile App Trusted by Therapists + Counselors Nationwide  

Unlimited Messaging with your personal Grief Counselor

Weekly Assignments + Activities

Open Journaling

Emotion + Trigger Tracking

Wellness Reminders

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "What can I expect once I become a member?"

A: Upon payment, you'll be emailed a Placement Assessment to identify your specific needs - type of loss, time-zone and method preference (faith-based, spiritual or secular) and log-in information. Once matched, you'll work with the same Grief Counselor throughout your membership and your subscription period doesn't start until you're matched.

Q: "How are Grief Counselors qualified?"

A: Our Grief Counselors have diverse backgrounds as Grief + Loss Counselors, they're skilled in all types of loss, and trained in several modalities. All of our Grief Counselors are meticulously vetted, insured, certified, undergo our 6-week training program, familiar with escalation procedures and participate in continuing education. At this time, we have English, Spanish and French speaking Grief Counselors. 

Q: "Can I schedule video or audio sessions with my Grief Counselor?" 

A: A Modern Grief Membership is for people who prefer to get support without the use of video or audio. This style of support allows you to control your comfort level, set your own pace, reduce anxiety or embarrassment, and remove barriers to getting help. This also allows us to help more people and keep our fees low. If you require audio or video support, Modern Grief is not the right fit for you. 

Q: "Who should become a member?"

A: Anyone experiencing grief and loss. We're socialized to think "death" when we think grief, but there 40+ life events that can cause grief; miscarriage, divorce, loss of a close friendship, infertility, loss of a job or promotion, loss of a pet, moving, the death of a not-so-loved-one, loss of future hopes due to addiction or health restrictions, etc. You don't have to face these events alone.  

Q: "Who should NOT become a member?"

A: Anyone who has thoughts of hurting themselves or others, minors, anyone in an urgent crisis or an emergency situation, anyone diagnosed with a severe mental illness, or if you have been advised to be in psychological or psychiatric care.

Q: "Do you offer Corporate Memberships?" 

A: YES! We provide preferred pricing to Organizations that want to support Employees during times of grief and loss. We also provide aftercare grief support to Hospice and Funeral Home families. Contact us at [email protected] or 1-800-594-3799 to discuss. 

Q: "How is Modern Grief different than Talkspace or BetterHelp?" 

A: Apart from gazillion dollar marketing campaigns (yeah, we're a bit jealous)... they are healthcare technology companies that match people with providers and we're a boutique firm of Grief Counselors that use technology to provide cost-effective, convenient and easy to access grief support.  

Q: "What forms of payment are accepted"?  

A: We accept all major credit and debit cards and PayPal. 

Q: "What about security?"

A: We take your security and compliance seriously. In addition to using a HIPAA-compliant app, our website and checkout are 3D Secure, Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), and GDPR compliant. 

Q: "Can I really cancel my membership any time?"

A: Yes, you can cancel at any time. Please note that payments are not pro-rated and will not be refunded.  

You don't have to grieve alone. We'll be with you the whole time.



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