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Hi and welcome to our little slice of the interwebs... let’s take a quick stroll down memory lane, shall we?

I got into grief work and education how I imagine most people do, with a personal tragedy and desire to use it to help others. In 2008, my daughter, Peyton, died unexpectedly at just 6 weeks old. That single, yet profound, event created an unimaginable chain reaction of events that changed my life forever.

The disintegration of my 10-year marriage. Business failure, unemployment, financial ruin, and bankruptcy. Moves. A lot of them. Loss of "friends". A gargantuan loss of faith. Major depression. And... drum roll, please... The unexpected death of my Father. All while caring for my then 3-year old son. And, sadly, those were just the highlights over the first 14 months after Peyton's death.  

I decided to take that dumpster fire of a few years (and beyond) and do something good with it. In 2010, I began mentoring individuals and families experiencing the death of a child. This led to formal training as a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, Certified Grief + Loss Coach, and a career dedicated to Thanatology.

Modern Grief was born from a simple desire to do good and over the years we've provided grief counseling, facilitated support groups, provided grief awareness training for friends and family, created on-demand courses and e-guides, joined advocacy efforts, and provided workplace consulting on bereavement policies, grief awareness, and empathy.

2020 brought us back to our roots of grief counseling for individuals and families. The sheer volume of need and barriers to access forced us to find better ways to serve the huge amount of people who are grieving worldwide.

By using best in class software, apps, and systems we can provide exceptional support, tools, and resources for grievers without breaking the bank. All with a commitment to user experience, security, and compliance.  

Sometimes life hands us lemons, it's all about what we do with them... 

Claire McCarthy | founder + ceo



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