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Because Caring is a Competitive Advantage

The hidden cost of grief in U.S. workplaces is over $75 billion a year due to absenteeism, lack of concentration, on the job injuries, disengagement, errors due to lack of concentration, and missed deadlines. 


100% of your employees, co-workers, and colleagues WILL experience grief.

Are you prepared? Can your organization withstand the incredible loss in revenue? 

Not to mention...

Now, more than ever, employees are seeking to work with organizations that take a people-first, business second approach. Empathy and compassion must be seen and supported in CEO's and Leadership and put into practice through policies and programs. It's not a one-time thing!

Here's the good news... We can help.  

Did You Know?

93% of Respondents say extended bereavement leave is empathetic, which shows employers care.*

93% of employees are more likely to stay with an employer who empathized with their needs.*

Employees say that the benefits of an empathetic organization are 75% more motivated employees and 69% more productive employees.*

*Bussinessolver 2019 State of Workplace Empathy Report.



It's All We Do. And We Do It Very Well.

ON-SITE WORKSHOPS + PROGRAMS. Customized training, coaching and immersive programs. 

PEOPLE POLICY. Bereavement policy review, update or creation. One of the most crucial yet rarely updated policies to ever grace an employee handbook. 

GRIEF COUNSELING. Available onsite or virtually for unexpected man-made tragedies, natural disasters or significant collective loss experienced as an organization.

EMPLOYEE BENEFITS. The hidden cost of grief in U.S. workplaces is well over $75 billion a year! For less than you might think, you can provide a dedicated Grief Counselor as an Employer Paid benefit to ensure Employees not only survive, but thrive.

CHIEF EMPATHY OFFICER. Ever wished you had a Chief Empathy or Compassion Officer on call to help create people policies, review internal comms strategies or advise on employee benefit programs? Now you can.

BEREAVEMENT PROGRAMS. Creation, planning and deployment of internal grief awareness and support initiatives.  



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